Top 3 Bars In Nashville You Simply Must Visit

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From live-band honky tonks and dive bars with character to whiskey spots and smoky speakeasies crafting delicious cocktails, bar-hopping in Nashville, TN, is a lot like the city itself – dark, relaxed and refusing to call it a night!

There is no dressing up to worry about here, the drinks are strong, the music is loud and the locals are about the friendliest you’ll find in bars anywhere in the United States.

Drinking your way through Nashville makes for some hollerin’ good times, but if your visit is short in the city and you want a napkin list of just three bars you absolutely cannot miss, here’s where we from Hydralive would want to send you:

# 1: Bar No 308 

What makes Bar No 308 so special? Tasty, innovative cocktails, cozy but energetic atmosphere and a friendly neighborhood vibe.

No 308 in Nashville is hip. Really hip. The decor will remind you of some sort of a hipster's hangout with checkerboard flooring, bright color blocking in the entranceway and a simple open bar ambience. And the drinks are good! (Try their signature Whisky Ginger to see what we mean…)

They make their own colas. The bartenders mix up homemade syrups infused with soda carbonation that pair seamlessly with the wide variety of whiskeys on offer.

Happy Hour’s from 5 pm to 7 pm, Sunday through Friday. Try their well drinks, offered with soda, on the rocks, neat or as a shot. Or enjoy half-off bottle of wine. 

• Address: 407 Gallatin Road, Phone:  615 650 7344, Website:


 # 2: Mickey’s Tavern

No DJs at Mickey’s Tavern. No bands, no karaoke, no trivia nights either. Mickey’s Tavern describes itself as `just a world famous neighborhood bar where East Nashville’s local can drink’. They have pool, foosball, darts, an award-winning jukebox, and a nice deck out back.

Walk into Mickey’s Bar before dark and you’ll need some time to get used to the lack of lighting. Two tiny windows leak some daylight into the space that is otherwise illuminated by some moody neon lights.

Mickey’s is the place to try a wonderful list of established and pedigree whiskies. They specialize in having the Antique Line from Buffalo Trace as well as many other specialties that are hard to find elsewhere. “We have over 75 varieties including selections from all five regions of Scotland,” they say. “Our well drinks are better quality and cheaper than you’ll generally find elsewhere.”

If you’re looking for the opposite of a raucous, bawdy bar scene, consider grabbing a drink at Mickey’s Tavern. They do have some food, like Cuban sandwiches and hot ham-and-cheese, but

there's a great restaurant next door called Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen. You can bring food in from Nicoletto’s to eat with your drinks. 

• Address: 2907 Gallatin Pike, Phone: 615-852-5228, Website:


# 3: Husk

Husk is as popular with locals and they are with tourists who are looking to check a famous Sean Brock restaurant off their bucket lists.

The kitchen boasts of its commitment to seasonality and Southern ingredients only – which means the menu is changing all the time and the flavors are unapologetically homegrown. Seed-saving, heirloom husbandry, and in-house pickling and charcuterie-making is foundational to the cuisine at Husk. 

There’s an on-site cocktail apothecary program serving some of the most delicious drinks in the South. The wine list will impress any terroir-loving oeneophile: it's first broken up into categories and then subdivided by soil type.

• Address: 37 Rutledge Street, Phone: 615-256-6565, Website:



Trying to keep up with Nashville, a medium-sized city with an XXL-sized bar scene, means waking up most mornings with a killer hangover.

Quite fittingly then, Hydralive Therapy®  already has two locations here where pm partiers can rebound from an am hangover with something a lot more curative than Bloody Mary and a bacon sandwich: IV therapy.

Reverse your hangover (or get a treatment before you go bar-hopping) with a high dose of fluids and vitamins that rehydrate and detoxify cells, plus anti-nausea and acid reflux meds that alleviate headaches and distress.

All served up in a safe, soothing, spa atmosphere by experienced health and wellness professionals at:

Broadway Location:

212 Broadway, Suite 400

4th Floor

Nashville, TN 37201

Phone: 615-678-5493


The Gulch Location:

1207 McGavock Street, Ste. B
Nashville, TN 37203



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5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System While Traveling By Air

Air Travel sickness.jpg

Air travel isn’t glamorous for everybody.

While some people can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy a flight, others step out of the aircraft with a groggy head, jetlagged eyes, runny nose and shoes in their hand because their feet swelled up from water retention while they were stuck 35,000 feet in the air.

If you’re one of those unfortunate few who don’t do well on airplanes, and need several days to recover from the disruptions that traveling causes to your health and well-being, you probably need to boost your immune and digestive system before, during and after the flight.

Here are 5 ways to do it:


Increase your water intake at least 24 hours before a flight. Prepare your body with all the fluids it needs because once you’re seated in the aircraft, you have no control over environmental conditions. Humidity drops from 30-40% to about 10% in the cabin, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you’re ready to counteract that by being well-hydrated beforehand.

Remember to buy water after you pass through security check, because the drinks trolley will not come out until the plane has stabilized and you won’t be able to leave your seat to grab some from the service station at the back.

Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Carry some coconut powder with you instead and mix it in your water for an instant electrolyte boost.

Keep a travel-sized moisturizer handy to keep your skin from drying out.



Nasal and throat passages dry out at high altitude. The mucous linings lose moisture and have a weakened ability to trap pathogens and prevent illness. Brushing your teeth and using a mouthwash right before your flight will help you fight this germy onslaught.



When travelling in close proximity with others, you’re more susceptible to picking up pathogens circulating in the air. To purify your sinuses and help reduce inflammation, place a few drops of essential oils onto your chest or sinuses and breathe deeply. Peppermint and eucalyptus are highly effective in keeping sinuses clean and eliminating infections. (Take a small vial of essential oil of your choice, to stay compliant with TSA carry-on regulations.)



Soothing hot water infusions can correct water retention and discomfort that results from travelling. Below we have outlined hot water remedies that are particularly effective in restoring regularity after a long flight.

Detoxifying: A combination of Manuka honey, lemon and hot water will flush out toxins, heal inflammation and reduce bloating.

Anti-Nausea: Calming blends like ginger, licorice and peppermint will help alleviate feelings of sickness.

Restorative: Natural herbal blends that contain sweet aniseed will restore gut regularity post-flight.



Revive and rejuvenate your compromised immune system with an IV therapy session at Hydralive Therapy® .

An IV therapy will safely rehydrate your body in a soothing, spa-like environment. Doctors have long touted the benefits of IV infusion therapy to dehydrated patients and it’s one of the most effective ways to recover quickly from a long flight and hit the ground running. The menu of services is excitingly full of rejuvenation possibilities, and whatever problems you may particularly face after a long-haul flight, Hydralive will have a quick and affordable therapy to counteract it.

Good luck!

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